Real Estate Investing 101

Understanding Your Choices

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Our speakers

Real Estate provides an important part of a smart investor's portfolio. Learn about your choices and what could work for your goals.

Chris Carsley, CFA, CAIA

Chris is the Chief Investment Officer at Kirkland Capital Group, which he co-founded. He brings over 25 years of investment industry expertise specializing in corporate and venture finance, business valuation, business operations efficiency, regulatory compliance practices, securities research, portfolio management, arbitrage trading and hedging.

Brock Freeman

Brock is the Chief Operating Officer at Kirkland Capital Group, which he co-founded. His career has been at the intersection of technology, finance, and real estate in Asia and America. He has expertise in construction, mortgage bank underwriting, wholesale loan origination, and built the first web-based end-to-end loan technology platform.

What you will learn

Stocks, ETFs, & Mutual Funds vs Real Estate

Learn how Real Estate is different from public market investment products like stocks, index funds, or mutual funds

Active vs Passive Real Estate Investment

Journey along with two Real Estate investors to discover different approaches and how that affected their lifestyles

Retirement Funds

Learn how you can leverage retirement funds to invest in Real Estate

More about the webinar

After the whipsaw movements on the stock market this year, and more to come according to most analysts, many smart investors are looking to Real Estate.

As you consider investing in Real Estate, you will have questions and concerns, as any discerning investor would.

  • How is Real Estate different than what is available on the public market, such as stocks, index funds, or mutual funds?
  • Do I have to be a landlord?
  • What is the difference between Active versus Passive Real Estate Investment?
  • Should I look at investing in homes or condos, or commercial real estate?
  • What are my risks?
  • Can I use my retirement funds to invest?

What to Expect

In this one-hour webinar led by Brock Freeman and Chris Carsley, you will learn the answers to these and other questions, and journey along with two investors who choose different Real Estate investment paths. At the end you will have a solid foundation for choosing your own path which aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

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